About Palmito Ranch Battlefield

The Palmito Ranch Battlefield NHL is located in the southernmost tip of the State of Texas, in eastern Cameron County stretching eastward for approximately 15 miles from the limits of the city of Brownsville to the Gulf of Mexico and bound on the south by the Rio Grande and the U.S.-Mexico International Border.

This region has been of historic, cultural, economic, and ecological importance for millennia. The nearby border cities of Brownsville, Texas, and Matamoros, Mexico, play a prominent role in the future of the region in terms of economic activity and population growth.

Palmito Ranch Battlefield Location

The National Park Service (NPS) defines a cultural landscape as “a geographical area, including both cultural and natural resources and the wildlife or domestic animals therein, associated with a historic event, activity, or person or exhibiting other cultural or aesthetic values.” There are four general types of cultural landscapes, not mutually exclusive: historic sites, historic designed landscapes, historic vernacular landscapes, and ethnographic landscapes. Among these four types, Historic Site is defined as a landscape significant for its association with a historic event, activity, or person, for which battlefields are good examples. Like historic buildings and districts, battlefields as a kind of historic landscape reveal the origin and development of the country as they are composed of special features and uses.